To Circle of Life
For more than 21 years we have
been dedicated to educating and
supporting women, men & children
in ways that are empowering
and create balance.
Please come inside
and see all the wonderful
things we have
to offer!

Balance Rock, if nature can achieve such a feat,
why can't we?  The answer is.... we can!

Military Discounts
In honor of our Military Families Circle of Life will give a 10% discount on products and up to a 50% discount on services.
Please call for further details.
Jennifer, Megan, Karlie & Kalei have a personal stake in supporting military families and appreciate the unique challenges that these families face.

Professional Support
for Holistic Health
& Wellness
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We offer Classes for MANY different needs.
Yoga & Movement
Babywearing Movement for Mommas
Childbirth Education
Herbs & Homeopathy 101
Nutrition & Gut Health
Baby Massage.... and this is just to name a few!

We offer all classes in:
Northern Berkshire Co.
& Bennington VT
so everyone is local!

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