Hemmorhoid & Varicosities Salve
olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, butchers broom, witch hazel, echinachea, caledula, horsetail, plantain, slippery elm, st. johns wort, lavendar eo, juniper eo, vitamin e.
This salve is good for varicosities anywhere on the body from your most intimate areas to your legs and feet. Use multiple times and day for cooling, soothing relief.
Sizes & Prices:
4 oz.  $12.00
Pain, Pain Go Away
Muscle & Joint Salve
olive oil, arnica, st.johns wort, chamomile, white willow bark, crampbark, devils claw, cinnamon, cayenne.
Whether you pain is chronic or you just over did it in the garden, this rub will surely  make your pain vanish!  Formulated with deep healing in mind, can be used day after day to keep achy muscles and joints happy! Add our Pain'Pain Go Away Tincture to the mix and your pain free in no time!
Sizes & Prices:
4 oz.  $15.00
Sleep & Anxiety Tincture
alcohol, chamomile, passionflower, skullcap, valerian root, hops.
We all have stress, anxiety & sleeplessness at times. We developed this gentle tincture to help ease those feelings allowing you to carry on with your day or settle down for a nice long sleep.
Sizes & Prices:
1 oz.  $9.00
4oz.  $21.00
Hormone/Mood Stabilizer
alcohol, vitex berry, lady's mantle, calendula, motherworst, st.johns wort, burdock root, yarrow.
Everyone has "one of those days" every now and again, this herbal combo helps to calm and stablize the ups and downs that come with a busy life.
1 oz.  $9.00
4 oz. $21.00
Lactation Support
alcohol, fennel seed, fenugreek seed, milky oats, red raspberry leaf, stinging nettle leaf, hops, anise seed, blessed thistle, alfalfa
Nursing your baby frequently with no supplemental bottles or pacifiers is what keeps milk supply flowing, but every now and again if mom or baby was sick, or latching is being worked on, mom will need a boost! This tasty tincture can help.
1 oz.  $9.00
4 oz.  $21.00
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Fungus Among Us
Yeast & Antifungal Spray
distilled water, alcohol, sage, thyme,  echinachea, chamomile, calendula, pau d arco, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary eo.
Yeast, ringworm, jock itch all fall into this catergory and can be very difficult to get rid of. Products that are being made today are petroleum based and actually contribute to the yeast or fungus by irritating the skin.  We  took the best antifungal/yeast herbs we knew and put them in a water/alcohol based spray. Some areas of the body that are extra warm or sweaty need extra help and this spray brings the healing to the game. Add an extra punch with our Fungus Among Us Tincture for systemic relief or  Fungus Among Us Salve for soothing and healing combined!
Sizes & Prices:
2 oz.  $9.00
Miracle Heal
Herbal Salve**
olive oil, calendula, chamomile flowers, chickweed, plantain, comfrey, yarrow, lavender flowers, beeswax.
This is our 'everyone & everything' salve. The list of possibilities is endless.... but just to name a few: cuts, scrapes, burns, diaper rash
dry skin, eye makeup remover, eczema & psoriasis, sunburn & windburn, chapped lips/cheeks, hot spots on your pets, contact dermatitis and the list goes on and on..... 
This stuff really can be used on ANYTHING! 
It was formulated as an antibacterial, antimicrobial, skin conditioner and scar reducer.
Sizes & Prices: 
4 oz. $ 12.00
.85 oz. $ 5.00
lip balm/Travel Size

 ** Now in a Lavender FREE formula. Just put "lavender free" in the comments of your order.**
About Our Eco-Friendly Products
We are proud to launch our ecofriendly, glass based line to help you and your family heal.  With all the worry about plastics leaching chemicals and pseudo estrogens into products and food, we felt it was best to go with glass containers for most of our products.
When glass could not be used we used stainless steel, which to our knowledge does not leach anything harmful into the product. 
We also cater to ALL types of allergies, so if one of our products has an ingredient that you or your family are allergic to, please let us know!  Jennifer has extensive experience with all types of allergies, so she is very sensitive to the needs of others that have allergy issues.  Just email or call and we will formulate a custom product just for you!!
How it all Began....
Herbs have been part of my families life since I was a child. When I had a family of my own the tradition carried on. When I decided to work with childbearing women & families I brought my experience and knowledge with me to help bring balance and healing to their lives too!
My children, clients and pets have been my greatest teachers along with 20 years of
self study.
I have studied through many of the famous herbalists, Rosemary Gladstar, Susun Weed, David Hoffman & Demetria Clark of Heart of Herbs, just to name a few.  I am a Certified Herbalist through Heart of Herbs, and continue to add to my knowledge daily.

Eco-Friendly, Allergy friendly, Affordable!
The above statements have not been
evaluted by the Food & Drug Administration.
These products or any information on this
site are not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure or prevent any disease.

Circle Of Life

Herbal Products
We Believe....
Herbs heal....
Mother Earth deserves the utmost respect ...
Our honesty, integrity & work ethic are our word...
Experience & attention to detail are paramount
to a good clean product!
All Tinctures are made with alcohol, not enough by dose to be significant.
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Bug OFF!
Insect Repellent
distilled water, witch hazel/isopropyl alcohol, essential oils of: cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavendar, cintronella, juniper, lemon, hyssop.

Use to keep all the bugs away!!  Great for the whole family, pets too!  We use a this combo on our horses and it works like a charm!!

Sizes & Prices:
4 oz$9.00
This line of products was created to honor my late friend and pet Frankie, that was one of my greatest teachers.
In her complexity of issues, she taught me that
simplicity is really what heals. 
So that is what is reflected in my product line, wonderfully simple healing herbs.
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All of our Herbs are:
~True Organic
Free of:
irradiation, ozone, sulfites & gas treatments.
~Certified Kosher
~Ethically Wildharvested
(when organic is not available)
Fungus Among Us Salve
Yeast & Antifungal Salve
olive oil, sage, thyme,  echinachea, chamomile, calendula, pau d arco, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, rosemary eo.

Yeast diaper rash or thrush for momma can be very hard to deal with. Instead of our Fungus Among Us spray, we formulated a salve to help in these situations. We also make a Fungus Among Us Tincture for healing that helps from the inside out!  This salve can also be used on jock itch, ringworm and any other fungal infections that you or your family have to deal with.
Sizes & Prices:
4 oz.    $12.00
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Fungus Among Us
Antifungal Tincture
alcohol, pau d' arco, oregano, sage, thyme, black walnut, yarrow, echinachea, grapefruit seed extract.
Have a nagging feeling that your yeast is systemic? Use this powerful combo along with diet changes to kick yeast to the curb!  If your symptoms include skin issues, check out Fungus Among Us Spray or Salve.
Sizes & Prices:
1 oz.  $9.00
4 oz.  $21.00
Pain'Pain Go Away
Aches & Pains Tincture
alcohol st. johns wort, white willow bark, ashwaganda, crampbark, devils claw.
Coupled with our Pain'Pain Go Away Salve, or take alone, either way you are in for major relief from joint and muscle pain.
Sizes & Prices:
1 oz.   $9.00
4 oz.   $21.00
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Girly Vitamins
Postpartum & PMS Tincture
alcohol, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, crampbark
This is a triple play of helpful herbs for women! All of these herbs are great for stabilizing your mood, helping with menstrual cramps and after pains.
Sizes & Prices:
1 oz.   $9.00
4 oz.   $21.00
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