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Homebirth Midwifery Care

Homebirth Services

There's no place like home!

We also stock Herbal Products as well as vitamin, supplements and Pregnancy, Birth & Lactation Support Products

Jennifer feels that women need to feel powerful and in charge of their bodies, their birth and family choices.

To achieve this, we offer Homebirth, Preconception, Fertility Counseling and Well Woman services in our offices.


Many women feel that the best place for them to give birth is in the comfort of their own home. In our experience women choose midwives because they feel the holistic, evidence/science based and woman centered approach to the Midwifery Model of Care is what they want for themselves and their babies.

We support women fully in their ability to choose their place of birth, the care they want, and the provider that will support their choices.

Studies now show that homebirth is as safe or safer than hospital birth for low risk mothers and babies. 


Midwives are trained in the normal physiological pregnancy & birth process as well as emergency care if needed. 

This means that I expect normal, but realize when signs and symptoms fall out of the range of normal, and will consult,

collaborate or transfer your care if needed. It is never "homebirth

or bust", its comprehensive care, a watchful experienced team, 

and homebirth when its safe for mom and baby. 

Traditional Schedule of Care:

  • Urine and/or blood pregnancy testing.

  • Prenatal blood work and ultrasound.

  • monthly until 30 weeks,

  • biweekly until 36 weeks, then weekly until birth.

  • Prenatal appointments include:

    • full physical (if needed)

    • blood pressure

    • urine dip

    • weight

    • fundal height

    • belly palpation for babies growth and position

    • nutrition overview

    • pregnancy symptom check

    • any additional lab work needed

These skills take up about 15-20 mins. of our hour together, the rest of the time is spent getting to know one another and building our team.

  • We do 1-3 homevisits during your pregnancy. It allows us to get a feel for the drive and help you ready your home for your birth.

  • We are on 24/7/365 call for you.

  • When you are in labor, we come to your home, set up, and help you and your support people find a rhythm for your labor.

  • We offer birth pools for water labor/birth.

  • We bring, and are trained in CPR & NRP, along with carrying anti-hemorrhagic medications, oxygen & adult/infant resuscitation equipment, instruments and suture equipment if needed. Please realize this is a consended list, we are happy to share the contents of the 4 large bags we stock routinely for Prenatal, Birth, Emergency, Postpartum & Lactation Care. 

  • If any medical issues arise in pregnancy, we have the ability to run tests and order ultrasounds. If we can not resolve the issue we consult with area Dr.s to ensure you and your baby's health.

After the birth we stay with you for 2-4 hours, to clean up, observe you and the baby's health,

and your first lactation consult to assure baby is feeding well.

  • We do a newborn exam after the birth and fax records to your baby's dr.

  • We remain on 24 hour call for you for 6 weeks.


Standard postpartum visits are as follows:

  • 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks & 6 weeks.

  • If any breastfeeding and/or health issues arise for you or the baby, we build in extra visits.

  • We perform for the baby: Filing the birth certificate, newborn hearing screening, newborn pulse ox screening, vitamin k & eye ointment, newborn metabolic screening and evaluation and assessment for lip and tongue tie.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services further.

We offer phone, video and in person consultations in our full service office in Clarksburg MA.

"Jennifer's care is kind, thorough and packed with education! My mother is a L&D nurse and was so impressed with her knowledge and skills."  North Adams Mom of 2

"Jennifer was very accommodating and flexible with payments, and it was worth every penny and MORE! She doesn't charge enough for the amount of knowledge and care she puts in her work. We can't recommend her enough!"

A.W. Mom of 3


How does Payment work?
We have multiple ways we work payment with clients. We except Cash, Check, Charge and PayPal Credit.  We are also teamed up with United Medical Credit a loan company 
specifically for medical needs. Start your application here . We work as hard as you do to make an individualized payment plan work for you and your family. 


Do you take Insurance?

No, not at this time. We would have to compro
We also help you with a coded Superbill to put in your own claim in for reimbursement after the birth. 

 These insurance companies will pay for your lab work and ultrasounds, along with other medical testing should it become necessary.

Other ways to Pay:                             

  • Credit Card


  • Cash

  • Payment Plans

  • Hardship Sliding Scale Fees

  • Liberty HealthShare & Samaritan Ministries

Do you use medical equipment/medications?

We bring a Doppler for listening to the fetal heartbeat during labor, medical equipment for monitoring maternal vital signs, herbs, homeopathics, and various other supplies and equipment. We also carry oxygen and resuscitation equipment, emergency medications to stop bleeding, IV supplies, and suturing equipment with local anesthetic.


What do you think about waterbirth?

We love waterbirth! Warm water in labor can make a tremendous difference for many women, and there is some evidence that water can make a smoother transition for baby. We offer waterbirth tub rental for an additional cost.

Do you accept VBAC clients? 

Yes we do! A thorough history of your list pregnancy and birth will be discussed to make sure you are a good candidate for VBAC.

What about the birth certificate and social security for the baby?

We provide the necessary paperwork required by the state to obtain these documents.


And the MESS???

The mess is a universal question. Everybody wonders what to do about the mess. And it's just not an issue. Families are often surprised (and relieved) to find that the midwives have left their homes as tidy as it was before the birth (sometimes tidier!) You may not have even believed a baby was born there, except that you are holding the little one in your arms!


I want my three year old son to be at the birth. What do you think?

We adore having children present for the births! Moreover, we think it's of significant importance for the bonding of the family and welcoming of the newborn. It's important, though, to have an adult present just for your child. Ideally, that adult should be someone who can be completely present and responsive to your child. And, of course, it should be someone with whom your child is comfortable. There are wonderful books and materials for preparing children for the sights and sounds of labor and birth; we can help you find these. Rest assured that children generally do great with birth, especially when they've been adequately prepared.


I live in an apartment, and I'm concerned about the noise.

Don't be. It's really not as loud as you might expect. We are conditioned to believe that birth is a loud, dramatic affair. The truth is birth is just another normal human biological process. Beautiful and amazing, yes. But also pretty quiet and kind of boring. Chances are pretty good your neighbors won't know you've had a baby until you make a formal, public announcement.

If I have to go to the hospital in labor or after do you stay with me?
This is less than 10 % for seasoned moms and less than 15% in our practice, for first time moms. Yes! No matter where you give birth your team is with you! And we will resume our postpartum and lactation care after you are home from the hospital. 

Helpful Links to more information:
The risk of complications for home births or birthing center deliveries attended by midwives in rural areas was no higher than in urban areas, according to a study in the journal Birth. There was no substantial difference in rates of vaginal deliveries aided by instruments, and 95% of rural women and 94% of urban women had normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries.

Study about Homebirth Safety      Midwifery Model of Care 

Citizens for Midwifery       Childbirth Connection

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