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Mo'HaTha'Sa TM
More Happy Than Sad

The worstdays make thebest stories

Many years ago, this idea was able to keep me going. 
I've used it for decades now to ask my children, clients and friends how to gauge their feelings.
In turn, it became a catch phrase for many around me.

So, I challenge you to make your life More Happy Than Sad!

How do you do that? 
Well, first, realize that the goal is NOT extatic happiness all the time. Content, at peace, centered balanced, are all way better words to describe what we all should be aiming to achieve. 


The Goal?

At the end of the day, count your blessings, think of what you are grateful for, and on a scale of 1-100, are you more happy than sad?  If you got a 51, then you ARE more happy than sad, and you can take the day as a win. 

In my life and my work, I like to use analogies, comparisons and perspectives to help people see, learn, understand and adjust their perspective. Many times we lay on layers and layers of heavy feelings for things that maybe don't need to be so heavy if we are able to compare and shift our perspective. 

Mo'HaTha'Sa is new to many people, it, like a muscle or habit, will take time to adapt to.

Start out slow, try it when you get upset, or at night before you go to bed. 
BUT START!!  You cant change until you take the first step. 
Over time it will become second nature and it WILL change your life.

More to come when the time is right. Until then follow along at Circle of Life on Facebook 

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