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My Philosophy is simple... We want all people to live as healthy & happy as possible.

I have dedicated our careers to offering Holistic Health practices that honors life's changes from birth through passing .

Which is the true Circle of Life.

My primary focus

 Identify the specific stressors, deficiencies and imbalances that

are the underlying root cause of all obstacles to good health.

We then create customized program of care for each individual client

that enable their body to eliminate those interferences

and begin to heal itself from within.​

Balance is the key 

The whole body must be balanced nutritionally, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to attain optimal health and wellness. Holistic Wellness Alternatives specializes in finding that perfect balance

for each individual and then guiding them to unprecedented new levels

of wellness and vitality.

Dr. Jennifer Douglass CPM PhD, CYT, CHLC, CLC, CFT, CT


     Jennifer has a deep passion for families, holistic wellness, support and balance.

These passions brought her to study Midwifery and Holistic Wellness. Beginning as a young curious child, learning all she could in any given health related situation, culminated in  experiences and certifications that spanned from birth to death. This is how Circle of Life came to be. The name was fitting to the services and support Jennifer wanted to offer to her community. Starting humbly in Poughkeepsie NY in 1992, and moving her practice to VT and MA in 2010, she has continued to add to her practice, keeping with the first goal of families, holistic wellness, balance and support. Jennifer is honored to be trusted by so many families over the years, and is looking forward to practicing for many years to come!


Jennifer Douglass is a NARM Certified Professional Midwife, ANMB Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Licensed by the PWA.  She also holds a Certification in Thermography Imagining.

She holds a Doctorate in Holistic Health and Natural & Integrative Medicine.  She also holds a Certifications in Thermography Imagining, Lactation Counselor, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator, Holistic Life Coach, Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, CFT Therapist. Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR Certifications, as well as a Certified Otoacoustic Hearing Tester for the State of Vermont.

She is also the proud owner of Circle of Life and mother of 6 children, as well as Ima (EE-Ma) to 6 grandbabies. Jennifer has a thirst for knowledge and is always engaged in Continuing Education pertaining to Midwifery & Holistic Health. Jennifer has a wide range of personal and professional experiences that she brings to every client she sees. Jennifer has supported, counseled & educated thousands of families & individuals since 1992 and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the services that interest you. Jennifer is a professional member of  PWA, NARM, AAMA, CfM, NACPM, MMA, IMTA.

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