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Yoga & Holistic Movement Classes

Movement is for everyone! 

Human bodies are designed, by nature to move, stretch,

have lean muscle and work in balance with all of its parts to help

maintain balance in the body and your life.


Our philosophy at Circle of Life is wellness from the inside out.

We are family centered and believe in bringing wellness to all.

We have a passion and insight for movement. We teach with body awareness and educates in all of our classes, while using breath control. Classes are unique and you will find yourself leaving with elevated esteem, a centered self, and a feeling of joy, you will learn to grow and let go and release through the beauty and power of holistic movement. Pick a class, grab a friend, bring your little ones, and open yourself

up to all of the amazing opportunities you will find through movement.

Our classes are taught by  Certified Yoga Instructors.

Yoga & Movement Offerings

Group Classes           Body Work       Craniofascial Therapy       Prenatal Yoga

Trauma Sensitive Yoga        Therapuetic Yoga        Private Sessions 

We offer sessions, workshops and classes.

Please see our Facebook Page or Newsletter for more information.

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